Cocoa’s Card-A-Mum Tea

Lately I have been battling this nasty, stuffy, annoying sinus/allergy/cold hybrid thingy that sends me into a fit of coughing and sneezing like a mad woman.  I cooked up some falafel last evening and the smell of cardamom is floating through the flat and seems to be helping clear me up so I decided to try it in a tea.  I’m not much of a tea drinker as of yet (the tea culture is strong in England but that’s another post)  however, I am willing to do anything to ward off these symptoms.

So I asked my resident tea sommelier, “P”, to put the kettle on. I gave him a list of the ingredients and the end result was a fragrant, yummy, sinus clearing concoction that I can’t get enough of! If you are feeling a bit frisky or need to take the edge off I am almost certain that you can add a shot of your favorite spirit (Whisky or Brandy). It will make a good version of a Hot Toddy or as I have appropriately named it “Card-A-Mum” Tea.

Here are the ingredients


Hot Water enough to fill your favorite mug

1 Tea Bag

2 Cardamom Pods

Lemon (a few squeezes)

Honey ( a couple of squirts)

Grated Cinnamon

Optional: Sugar (depending on how sweet you like it)

Optional: Slices of fresh ginger (will add an intense spice)

Optional: Spirit


Place the Cardamom pods into the mug of your choice. Pour in hot water. The Cardamom is an aromatic as well as a spice. The longer it’s in the better! Place your tea bag in. Add your honey, grated cinnamon and lemon (optional sugar and ginger and spirit). Give it a good stir. Take the Cardamom pods out or keep them in but don’t consume them.

You can let the mixture sit for a while and heat it up at your will. This will intensify the spiciness! Enjoy!


**Alcoholic beverages are for those that are of legal drinking age. Always drink responsibly!**

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