My First Roti!


Sunday we took a trip out to the countryside to visit an Auntie. Feeling a bit homesick and missing my family in America it is just what I needed. The warmth, family time AND what is a visit with an Auntie without a delicious home cooked meal? She cooked up some lovely eats and I was secretly scoping out her recipes, particularly the Roti. The last time that I had Roti it was made for me by my mother in law years ago. This encounter took my taste buds back to a familiar place of deliciousness.

Roti is a type of traditional flat-bread consumed in many parts of Africa, India, Pakistan and parts of the Caribbean. It looks pretty close to what I know as a tortilla or chapati. Roti can be eaten in a similar manner with chicken, rice, beef, lamb, veggies or whatever you fancy.

Roti and Chicken Curry

photo of Roti and Chicken Curry

After having two helpings I knew that I couldn’t kick my craving for Roti nor would I be able to wait until the next visit to satisfy my NEED for it so I decided to get my behind in the kitchen to try it out for myself. Turned out great! “P” doesn’t know it but we will be having Roti for the next few days, it is now my “new thing”!

The recipe is simple and cooking time is fast which makes for a great addition to any meal. Forgive me, I never measure anything but you want to combine the ingredients to make a proper dough ball. Make sure it’s not runny or you will end up with American style pancakes!


Flour (plain white or wheat, NOT SELF RISING FLOUR)

Hot Water

Vegetable Oil

Pinch of Salt (optional)

Directions: Combine the ingredients and roll into a dough ball. Pinch away pieces to make smaller dough balls and coat with a little flour and roll them out into individual flattened pieces with a rolling pin.  Place one flattened piece onto a hot non stick frying pan. Do not oil the pan. Bubbles will start to form. Flip it over and  you will see brown specks. Continue to cook the other side. Remove from the pan. You now have a Roti!

The finished product!

It's not perfectly round, but it's Roti nonetheless!

It’s not perfectly round, but it’s Roti nonetheless!

Here is a video that shows how to properly cook Roti, quick and easy!

One thought on “My First Roti!

  1. Tried to call u this morning…You and Nunu in the streets again lol…Miss you girl….Tell Nunu Auntie Nisha will give her cookies and ice cream when she comes in Nov….and lots of table food….I love this recipe…This is great Tonya…now I can make this….Niya will probably like to make this alos…very simple…Love yall…Kiss my Nunu…Miss you…I deactivated my fb for awhile but I will make sure I check my yahoo…Im working at the church today so this is gonna be a long day.

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