Product Review: Bright Starts Entertain & Grow Saucer™

NuNu has gotten increasingly rambunctious over the past week or so. She has long spells of excessive hyperactivity. I think she’s really starting to figure out what her body is capable of doing and she wants to explore EVERYTHING. She kicks, she climbs, she jumps. NuNu is all over the place! She has even started her first attempts at crawling. She has a great starting position but hasn’t yet figured out how to move her arms and legs at the same time so what she’s doing resembles a very slow and precise military low crawl.

With all of this new found burst of energy, “P” and I decided that she needs to burn off some of the excess considering the urge typically hits her when she should be preparing for bedtime. We searched for something that would give her the sensory stimulation that she needs and also gives her a bit of a work out on those little legs. We looked into play mats, walkers and activity centres until we found the one that best suited her needs.

We went with the Bright Starts Entertain and Grow Saucer™ the Pretty In Pink™ Collection. Not only is it a great buy but a portion of the proceeds go to breast cancer research.

Bright Starts Entertain and Grow Saucer™ Pretty in Pink ™

Bright Starts Entertain and Grow Saucer™ Pretty in Pink ™

We purchased the saucer from Argos for £44.99 (approximately $72) which is pricey when you do the conversion but with that aside it is well worth it. I was pleased that it looked even better than what it does on the box. The bright colors (pink, green white and blue) are eye catching. If you are looking for something more gender neutral or for a baby boy it also comes in a green/blue/orange pattern.

Pretty In Pink™ Pattern

Pretty In Pink™ Pattern

The saucer is designed to have a rocking motion as baby moves around but it doesn’t take away from it’s sturdiness and the quality is top notch.  It was fairly easy to assemble (“P” put it together and I didn’t feel the need to put a hard hat on NuNu as I placed her in it). It has three adjustable heights which come in handy as baby grows. It’s recommended for baby’s that are 4 months or older but is suitable for little ones that are capable of holding their head up on their own. NuNu is still pretty tiny at 8 months (she’s only 14 pounds), thankfully the saucer comes with a seat insert for younger or smaller babies. We put it on the lowest height which is wonderful because that means we can get a little more use of it than what we expected.

She was gleaming with excitement from just watching “P” put it together. As soon as I placed her in it she immediately began to enjoy the 10+ activities. Each one of the toys were easy to pop in during assembly but will withstand NuNu’s tugging and pulling. She was taken by the dragonfly on a flexible stalk with ridged teeth-able wings. She pulled it forward and started gnawing on it as if she knew what it was for. The spinning barrels, toy bar with two dangling fun toys, a bead chaser, bumble bee rattle and an easy to use push top is more than enough to keep any baby entertained. The saucer is also equipped with four loops to attach baby’s favorite toys.


NuNu absolutely LOVES the Bright Starts Entertain and Grow™ Saucer.  So much so that after about 30 minutes of exhausting play time she fell into a cozy nap. I certainly recommend this product for your baby that is on the grow!

The Bright Starts Entertain and Grow Saucer™ is also available in the U.S. at Walmart and Target for around $53-58. Here is a short clip of NuNu enjoying herself.

*This product was purchased by Cocoaonthegogo and the review is unpaid and unbiased. The product was purchased at full price without any compensation*

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