What the Egg Cup?


I like to think of myself as being somewhat “cultured” when it comes to culinary delights. I don’t boast the most refined palate but I know that French Fries aren’t particularly French and I can identify great food when I taste it. I love to cook and I am rarely intimidated by the kitchen, that is until recently when I was taken aback as I prepared Saturday morning breakfast.

So, as I do on a regular basis I asked “P” what he would like for breakfast and he stated that he would like 2 boiled eggs and toast. No prob! Easy meal and a far cry from what I was preparing for…eggs, pancakes, toast, fresh squeezed juice. He wanted none of that, just eggs and toast. I was secretly hoping for something simple and my wish was granted….so I thought. I headed into the kitchen and took two eggs out of the fridge and popped a few slices of toast into the toaster all the while rejoicing that I can go back to relaxing in minutes because this meal practically cooks itself! I can do this with my eyes closed.  So simple! Eggs boiled. Toast a lovely golden brown. Just as I’m preparing to dish up I hear “P” calling from the bedroom,  “The egg cups are in the bottom cupboard, dahhhhling!” My face goes puzzled and I’m thinking that he can’t be serious. EGG CUPS??? What the ____???? eggCupBig I open the drawer and sure enough there they were. Two egg cups staring at me. Really? What the heck am I supposed to do with these? I mean, I am familiar with them but I have never seen anyone actually use them. I have seen them a few times on programs such as the Antique Roadshow and apparently there are people called pocillovists that have a real affinity for egg cups so they choose to collect them.   I quickly place the boiled eggs into the cup, buttered the toast and served them. At this moment I became intrigued.  I MUST see this in action. How on earth and why on earth would anyone use this cumbersome little thing to eat something that is already delicate?

“P” sits down and it wasn’t long before he notices that I am intently staring. He truly believes that this is normal! He proceeds to cut the top off of the hard shell of the egg and all of a sudden his face goes sour. WAIT A MINUTE! There is no way to mess up a boiled egg! I even served it up in these fancy little pretentious, pointless, little cups…what could possibly be the problem???

Apparently the point of the egg cup is to serve up SOFT-boiled eggs using the cup to catch all of the runny bits.  In all of my life I have never known anyone to eat soft-boiled eggs. Not to tick off the good people at the American Egg Board (yes they exist www.aeb.org), but can you say, SALMONELLA! It’s just not considered an American classic. In the southern states we eat hard-boiled eggs and certainly not from egg cups. Additionally “P” informed me that the dish is actually called Boiled Eggs and Dipping Soldiers. The toast is to be cut into strips and used to dip into the runny yolk. My first thoughts #1 Gross and #2 WHY?

Soft Boiled Eggs and Dippy Soldiers

Soft Boiled Eggs and Dippy Soldiers


Novelty Soldier Egg Cup

Novelty Soldier Egg Cup

After expressing much hate and disdain over being defeated by an egg cup and an edible line up of soldiers,I have come to accept and appreciate the presentation element and daintiness of the cup. Coupled with some fresh fruit and a tasty Mimosa, this is an ideal meal for brunch.

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