Elephant’s Walk Shopping and Artist Village, Victoria Falls Zimbabwe


Visiting Victoria Falls is an experience and stumbling across the nearby Elephant’s Walk Shopping and Artist Village was an extra added treat. It’s a central place where you can buy the most stunning art directly from the artists. This family run operation is also home to The Ruoko Project, a community based initiative spearheaded by management and the Ndau Collection. The Ruoko Project identifies local talent, giving them space to work, create and bring forth their masterpieces to the marketplace. There are plenty of shops selling everything from one of a kind paintings to larger than life sculptures.




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You will also find the most charming cafe with extra comfy, colourful seating within the plaza, a great place to relax in between shopping!

For more information on Elephants Walk Shopping and Artist Village click here.


3 Ingredient Pancakes- FLOURLESS


My favourite breakfast consists of nothing other than a huge stack of pancakes, American style, fluffy and filling. I know that it isn’t the healthiest choice so I decided to try out an alternative that would satisfy my flapjack craving. I made flourless banana pancakes.  It turned out to be a light, easy, no guilt breakfast. They were absolutely great but I will say that they aren’t a replacement for the real deal, just an alternative.


2 ripe bananas

2 eggs

1/8 teaspoon Gluten Free Baking Powder (can be left out)

(yields 3-4 pancakes)


In a bowl beat two eggs

Add baking powder to egg mixture

In a separate bowl mash the peeled ripe bananas (lumps are ok as it gives the pancakes it’s fluffiness)

Combine the egg mixture with the bananas

Stir until totally mixed or place in a blender and lightly pulse the mixture

Cook on a hot griddle or pan just as you would traditional pancakes (flip the pancake to cook through the other side).

Plate them up and top with butter, maple syrup and blueberries. I used Cloister  Whipped Honey with Cinnamon instead of syrup and it woke this dish up making it absolutely YUMMY!

*I have not mastered perfectly round pancakes but they are delicious just the same!*

Mmmmm Mmmmm Goood! Makes me think of one of my favourite artists, Jack Johnson singing “Banana Pancakes”

Cocoa’s Juice Concoctions: Little Red Riding Hood

Do you remember the story of Little Red Riding Hood? She walked into the forest on the path to Grandma’s house only to encounter a Big Bad Wolf. Well, the wolf takes advantage of her naivety and ultimately swallows her up. Much like Little Red Riding Hood, this juice is extremely mild and for those that like a bit of colour but not a whole lot of bite. It’s bright red due to the beetroot and accompanied by kale, spinach, celery, and just a small amount of ginger, it’s just perfectly balanced.

Collage 2014-08-08 12_20_58

London’s Eid Festival


This past weekend was absolutely beautiful in London so we decided to head out to Trafalgar Square to enjoy London’s Eid Festival organised by the offices of the Mayor of London. Eid is an important religious holiday marking the end of the Islamic holy month of Ramadan. The festival was fun for the entire family with plenty to do and see. There were cuisines from across the world (of course I was all into that), also educational booths, exhibits, face and henna painting as well as live entertainment of singing, Bollywood dancers, and much more.


A real stand-out of the entire celebration was the Capture the Spirit of Ramadan exhibit that featured stunning photos that were submitted as a part of the International Ramadan Photography Competition (IRPC).

image image image

Here are some of the shots that I was able to get in between having loads of fun and stuffing my face:

image imageimage


image image image 20140802_145445~2

Of course a trip to Trafalgar Square wouldn’t be complete without coming across street performers and the political activist types.

image image image


The festival was fun, educational and bridged together many cultures for a fantastic time.