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A few weeks ago “P” and I along with baby NuNu linked up once again with fellow Helpmobers to do some good. The Free Help Guy had once again pulled off another clever helping event. We gathered at a location near London Bridge, under the instruction of bringing 5-10 things that we wouldn’t mind parting with. A few dresses and shirts, NuNu brought a few of her baby clothes that had gotten too small but barely worn. We were raising funds. We sold several items and in the end we were handed a brown envelope containing a letter, and a plastic bag holding a tenner and a 2 pound coin (our portion of the divided raised funds).


The letter had instructions on what to do next.


Armed with the letter and money we accepted the challenge. This is our Random Act of Kindness:

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Since “Cocoa Loves The Kids”, I thought that it would only be fitting for us to give something to some very special little ones. We purchased big boxes of crayons, colouring books, word puzzles/books and took them over to the hospitalized children at St. Mary’s Hospital (London), Grand Union Children’s Ward. Grand Union Children’s Ward specializes in Bone Marrow  transplants and treats children with infectious diseases, many of them on isolation.

It was all greatly appreciated. A big thanks to The Free Help Guy for helping us to help others!

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In the London area and want to get involved? Follow The Free Help Guy on Twitter and Like the Facebook Page to find out when and where the HelpMob will strike next.

One of the most difficult things to give away is kindness, for it is usually returned” ~ Mark Ortman

What are some of your ideas for Random Acts of Kindness?

Cocoa Joins The Mob


I recall having a conversation with someone a few years ago. They asked me what is it that I want to do with my life. I was happy, I was young (at the time), and I was impressionable.  My answer…”I want to continue to help people. If I can do that in whatever capacity God sees fit, then my life is right on track”. I will never forget the condescending laughter that ensued as this person clearly didn’t get it. That has stuck with me and I made a vow to at least do what I can for others, as my mother would say, “Even the smallest of gestures can carry the greatest sentiment.”

Just the other day I was surrounded by a group (more like a mob) of people that “get it”. Thanks to the Free Help Guy, we all gathered to embark on his first “HelpMob”, with many more to come. Who is the Free Help Guy and what’s a HelpMob? The Free Help Guy is well, a guy. He is an anonymous helper. There aren’t any pics of him on his website, Twitter or Facebook page. Instead his photos don a big smiley head superimposed over his face as not to reveal his true identity. I do believe that I may have caught a glimpse of this mystery man and if so, he’s not so bad on the eyes! As for the HelpMob, think flashmob but instead of meeting up to do a choreographed dance to a mashup of pop hits in front of unsuspecting strangers, it’s an orchestrated gathering of people that set out to help someone in need. The best part… is done anonymously. No hoopla,  no mass media attention, no carefully placed hidden cameras…just people doing good, just because.

I only found out about this event the day prior but I was immediately intrigued. The event invite came with very little information. The when, where, and why were all answered but the WHO remained unknown until the moment that we were all gathered. It also came with a clue, “Life Savers Unite”. Vague, yet enough to get the wheels turning. How do we anonymously save lives? Is this like a mass CPR certification session? When we all arrived we learned that it was something VERY real, extremely important and urgent.

We were given a short briefing. We were gathered to bring support to a donor drive event for 17 month old Margot Martini, happening just around the corner from our rally point. Margot is a beautiful baby girl that has an extremely rare form of blood cancer and is in need of a bone marrow donor. We marched the streets armed with flyers and signs encouraging people to take a moment of their time to get swabbed to find out if they are a suitable match for this precious child. As a mother this was a helpmob that made me think of my NuNu and it totally tugged at my heartstrings.

Everything aligned perfectly for this event. The donor drive was held at The Tabernacle just a short distance from the very busy Portobello Market so there wasn’t a shortage of people to come in contact with AND believe it or not the typically rainy London weather behaved itself nicely, offering up sunshine and clear blue skies. We walked, engaged, and chanted, all for the cause. Exceeding all expectations many of us also took the 5 minutes to register and added to the 400 plus swabs that were completed on the day. There is still work to do. If you would like information on what you can do for Margo visit Team Margo on Facebook or follow on Twitter @Swab4margo. If you would like to register and become a donor or for more information on how you can help save a life go to


Needless to say that the first ever HelpMob event by the Free Help Guy was a success. Not only did I get out for a little exercise, mingle with some  amazing people, but we also took part in something that could change a life forever. To see how The Free Help Guy offers his FREE assistance  to others check out . He does everything from attempting to reunite a little boy with his lost stuffed monkey to raising funds for  a vision saving operation for 800 people suffering from Trachoma, a disease that can lead to blindness.

As for being family friendly, this particular HelpMob was. If like me, you have a little one in tow 99% of the time but still like to help, just drop The Free Help Guy a line and he will let you know if the event that you are interested in is fitting to bring the fam.

UPDATE: Team Margot has a confirmed donor match. Many blessings to the donor, Margot and her parents.

Watch his space for future events and to see how you can help his mission.

Pics from the day:

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It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving” ~Mother Teresa