SpeakOut Essentials….Accessories With A Voice


I don’t claim to be a fashion guru but I do know a little bit about expressing ones personal and unique style even when you’re a busy mum on the go, fighting the urge to just throw on some mum jeans and desperately attempt to hang on to your┬áindividuality. Sometimes you just don’t have the time to carefully piece together a fabulous outfit but one thing that my mum taught me is that you can make any outfit POP with just the right accessories and I have found them in SpeakOut Essentials customized pieces.

SpeakOut Essentials has a very clever concept giving you a range of one of a kind pieces that you can customize to fit your particular taste. The brand epitomizes Bold and Beautiful and so does it’s founder, the young and vibrant Camilla Miller. Camilla pours her passion into her statement pieces in the same manner as an artist does a canvas painting. Each article┬áis a one-of-a-kind masterpiece and is made for those that not only enjoy being seen but also love to be heard.

Creator, SpeakOut Essentials, Camilla Miller

Creator, SpeakOut Essentials, Camilla Miller wearing a signature piece

SpeakOut Essentials isn’t just about jewelry. If you like a bit of originality in your home you can also purchase coasters and various home decor pieces. If you have a design concept that you would like to see come to life all you have to do is put through a request to make it happen.

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To order some beautiful pieces or to customize your own accessories visit the website at www.xpressncreate.com