About Cocoa

I am a wife, a mother and an American ex-pat now living and loving in West London. How did I get here? By way of the beautiful state of North Carolina via a horse-drawn carriage being carted away by my very own Prince Charming! Ok, maybe not “THE” Prince Charming, but I am married to my best friend that is indeed a dashing British/Zimbabwean gent, that you all will get to know as “P”. We have a wonderful little girl called NuNu that was 5 months old when we arrived in June of 2013.

I write about my excursions, my obstacles, my family life, and how we are adjusting to living abroad. Mostly I write about the things that make me happy and hopefully I will put a smile on the face of my readers also!

This is me…Cocoa…Onthegogo!

One thought on “About Cocoa

  1. I Finally got a chance to relax after such a busy and hectic week. This was a very informative and interesting piece and I thoroughly enjoyed it! Whoda thunk it? Ranch dressing? being that hard to find.

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